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Current Fuel Surcharges

A fuel surcharge will be added to each shipment. We adjust our Fuel Surcharge each week. The fuel surcharge will be determined for the week by comparing the current average Price per Gallon of “Regular Unleaded” for Cars, Small Trucks and “Diesel” for Cargo vans and Large Trucks in the metropolitan area of the state of operation. The current average price is established using the AAA Gas Prices website.

AAA Gas Prices

Los Angeles CA
“Unleaded” $5.342
“Diesel” $5.485 Updated 04/09/2024


Avg 20 mpg $0.241 per mile

Trucks & Vans

Small Trucks
avg 16 mpg $0.301 per mile
Cargo Vans & Large Trucks
avg 6 mpg $0.924 per mile

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